Homeschool Planning Series – Part 2: Monthly and Weekly Overview

Homeschool planning - the time when all of my favorite things come together: planners, education, organization, checklists, and planners. Did I say planners twice? Oopsie. Read on to see my monthly and weekly planning rituals... erm... overview.

Homeschool Planning Series – Part 1: Converting a Horizontal Planner, Set Up with Annual Planning and Trackers

Homeschooling and Planning? Sign me up! This year I'm converting a daily horizontal planner into a homeschool planner. Read on for ideas about how to set it up and getting started with annual planning pages and trackers.

Loves Planners

I used to be able to remember everything. I could repeat a six month old conversation back verbatim. Just ask my husband. Something happened when I started having kids. At first I thought it was just the Pregnancy Stupids. It turns out that's not the case. Wait what were we talking about? I have to write everything down. For that I have my planners.