Big Happy Planner Bundle Flip Through – 2017 Undated Mid-Year Edition

All new flip thru for the Big Happy Planner box - the large size undated, released mid-year May 2017. I am in love with this planner. I hope this video helps you with planning your planners! Click to view this flip through on YouTube. Product Details and Links This package is available now on Amazon along with … Continue reading Big Happy Planner Bundle Flip Through – 2017 Undated Mid-Year Edition

100 Ways to Get Organized in 5 minutes or Less!

I've put together a huge list of my favorite tips on how to get organized when you're short on time. One hundred little ideas to get you moving forward inch by inch. Plus, I've included three free printable planner pages that are simple and versatile. Read on for more!

Homeschool Planning Series – Part 2: Monthly and Weekly Overview

Homeschool planning - the time when all of my favorite things come together: planners, education, organization, checklists, and planners. Did I say planners twice? Oopsie. Read on to see my monthly and weekly planning rituals... erm... overview.

Homeschool Planning Series – Part 1: Converting a Horizontal Planner, Set Up with Annual Planning and Trackers

Homeschooling and Planning? Sign me up! This year I'm converting a daily horizontal planner into a homeschool planner. Read on for ideas about how to set it up and getting started with annual planning pages and trackers.

Dollar General Home Finance and Bill Organizer – Personal, Family Budget Planner Flip Through

heck out a short flip through of the Dollar General Home Finance and Bill Organizer. This budget planner and similar items are now available at Dollar General for $2.50!

Mini Happy Planner, Health and Fitness Edition, Flip Thru

Check out a short flip-through of the 2017 Mini Happy Planner, Health and Fitness Tracker Currently available online and at Michael's. Hope this helps you make a decision for your 2017 planner stack! Create 365. The Happy Planner, Me & My Big Ideas Mini Happy Planner Fitness Log

Getting Started with Printable Planner Inserts – A Beginner’s Guide to Printables

Planning with printables is a great gateway drug to a more serious planning habit. Printables are fun and flexible. You can find them very inexpensive and even free online! But after you find something you love, what do you do with it?

Holiday Sticker Picks – Printables and Free Printables

My goal this year is to make it look like Father Christmas threw up on everything I own, but keep it on a budget. For that reason I'm hunting down the cutest free and nearly-free printable stickers and doodling Christmasy inserts.

Super Easy DIY Laundry Detergent

We aren't DIY type of people, but I did go through a phase where I was geeking out over making all of my own household products. I made all different cleaners and detergents and soaps. Honestly, most of them were awful. The only stand-out was laundry detergent.

Pumpkin Patch: October 2016 – Hand Drawn Planner Pages

I'm so excited to share my hand-drawn planner pages with you. Check out the process. October 2016 Bullet Journal Style Doodle Planner Pages Available to purchase HERE at my Etsy store. Update: Now 50% Off! Enjoy!

Loves Planners

I used to be able to remember everything. I could repeat a six month old conversation back verbatim. Just ask my husband. Something happened when I started having kids. At first I thought it was just the Pregnancy Stupids. It turns out that's not the case. Wait what were we talking about? I have to write everything down. For that I have my planners.