Elementary Introduction to Archaeology Pin

Introduction to Archaeology for Kids – Elementary Resources

Elementary introduction to Archaeology. Book list, activities, and online streaming media resources for your science and history lesson plans.

Flower Dissection Lesson Plan – Elementary Science Lesson, Plants and Gardening Unit

I am so excited to share the Flower Dissection Lesson Plan as part of The Learning Hypothesis' Science Celebration!

Lesson Resources about Teeth and Going to the Dentist – Introduction to Dental Health for Young Children

I put this mini unit plan together to help the kids get excited and understand their trip to the dentist. Read on for educational resources about teeth and seeing the dentist - maybe for the first time!

Elementary Introduction to Electricity and Circuits – Kindergarten to Third Grade Resources, STEM

After receiving Snap Circuits as a gift, my oldest has been very interested in electronics, where electricity comes from, and how it all works. We are learning side-by-side on this one! Read on for a slew of educational resources we've used to investigate electricity.

Elementary Introduction to Plants, Seeds, and Gardening – Unit Ideas and Resources

My oldest led me straight toward a mini-unit on plants and gardening. Read on for our book list, streaming media, ideas, and resources!

DIY Jane Goodall and Chimpanzee Lapbook and Resources for Elementary Lesson Plans

Our adventures with Build Your Library took us to Africa this month! When the oldest showed some interest in chimpanzees and learning about Jane Goodall I jumped on it. Read on for lesson resources and our DIY lapbook lesson plans.

Sick Kids – Elementary Playlist and Streaming Resources – Germs, Colds, and Flu

I'll share a few of our favorite streaming resources for your little sickies, and a couple suggestions for what to do when YOU are sick. Because the only thing worse than having sick kids is being sick with sick kids.

Elementary Unit Study – Greece

Our adventures around the world with Build Your Library has lead us to Europe. One of the most exciting places to visit was Greece. The oldest was so intrigued that we went ahead and made a whole unit out of it. Welcome to Greece!

Elementary Unit Study – France

Our adventures around the world with Build Your Library has lead us to Europe. We've been working through the continent v.e.r.y. s..l..o..w..l..y, leaving lots of space for extra reading, projects, and play. One of our favorite places to visit was France. Ooo la la!

Elementary Introduction to Money – Plans and Resources

Introduction to money unit resources to use to supplement your math lesson plans. Click through to find book lists, activities, media integration, and field trip ideas. Don't forget to grab your free printable!

Elementary Election Unit 2016

The election is quickly approaching and the oldest has shown some interest. While we chat about politics at the dinner table he asks, "What's a debate?" and the next morning says, "So who is the new president?" I can't fail him on this one. This is important stuff.

Exploring the Five Senses… and a few more – A Kindergarten Unit

We had so much fun learning about our senses this month. I was just planning on some light reading and taking the oldest to a class, but as usual he had other plans. It turned into a full unit. Ease up, kid! I'm suffering from teacher burnout with a class of one in September. The few more. I made the mistake of mentioning that we don't really ONLY have five senses. So we explored a few more - like sense of balance, hunger and thirst, and direction. Every time we saw something that said "5 senses" he's give me a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge meaning, "Yeah but WE know there are more than five, right mom? Riiiiiiight?" He thinks he's so smart.

Math Basket: Creating an Individualized Math Curriculum

Allow me to introduce you to our Math Basket. It's becoming our favorite part of the day. Yes, that's right. It's even more fun than handwriting. I know. Hard to believe. Our Math Basket it's math. in a basket.