It actually would be nice to meet you because I bet we’ve got a lot in common. I’m a mom of three very sweet and loving children who are also incredibly loud and off-the-chain crazy pants. That’s three kids under six, so I’ve been pregnant or nursing (or both) since 2010. That’s all of my thirties. I love it. I hate it. Then, I love it again.

11217682_10204427265191302_2464514607071275773_nIsn’t it funny how being a mom can completely define you? As if motherhood makes all other attributes cease to exist. This is how I actually introduce myself now. Usually I don’t even bother giving my name. I am “Mom” or, more commonly, “The Little Red Head’s Mom.” Do I even have another name anymore?


Hang on. Scratch that. I’ll start again.

I am a lover of life. A consumer of experience and adventure, fiercely trying to pull out the fun and humor in the totally average life of a middle class suburban family.


I’ve been a teacher, graphic designer, a retail associate, a receptionist, a cocktail server. I’m a former runner. I went to art school for painting and had the time of my life in college. I got married at 23 on a gondola in Las Vegas. This is my dog.

My days start with crying babies and end with stories and fifty goodnight hugs and kisses. In between we play, learn, clean, sing, yell, laugh, cry, and eat and eat and eat. Okay, mainly the in-between part is just making a lot of snacks.

My goal here is to share everything I love: family, homeschooling and teaching, creative planning, and a few laughs. I’m excited to reach across the web, say hello, and hopefully find a few like-minded friends. Welcome moms, planner girls, homeschoolers, and all the random passers-by.

So yeah, it’s super nice to meet you. We should totally hang out sometime.


*Family photo credit: Ann Shah, Candid Pix Photography