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Flexible School Schedule
Homeschool Planning App

I’m always looking for solutions to get (and stay) organized. I love using all sorts of paper planners, but I’m often frustrated because our eclectic approach to homeschool doesn’t always fit into the rigid boxes of a calendar.

Our family has never fit into a box.
Neither do all of our plans.

I’m excited to share a new, innovative approach to homeschool lesson planning. Flexible School Schedule is a planning app made by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. It was developed with our needs in mind.



“One of the reasons many of us chose to homeschool was so each child could move at their own pace. And when we homeschool, life still happens (sickness, family, even the occasional bit of fun). Rigid plans are not workable plans because homeschool life is rarely rigid.” – Phillip Gore, Flexible School Schedule Creator

We are part child-led and part curriculum-driven. Part routine and part spontaneity. We speed through curriculum some days and others all curriculum comes to a screeching halt. Our homeschool plans are more complicated than jotting down the next page in the text book.

This app works with a variety of homeschool methods from traditional textbook work to Charlotte Mason and Unit Studies to Unschool. If you’re somewhere in between or all over the board (like we are) you need a planner with a LOT of flexibility.

Flexible School Schedule homeschool planning app


Flexible School Schedule breaks away from the traditional restraints of daily or weekly planning. Allow one child to move ahead and another child to take their time without rearranging your whole schedule. Don’t worry, this app won’t send you messages about falling behind!

With Flexible School Schedule you plan by term and track your child’s progress over time. There are no rigid deadlines, and everyone can move at their own pace.


An app sounds great, but I’m not ready to let go of my paper plans! My planner holds a record of how we spent our time, what my kids have completed, and the milestones they’ve achieved. I track book lists, field trips, and test scores to keep with our portfolio.

The best feature is that this app will do BOTH! Easily print reports for your portfolio or state required records. This will allow you to easily show your progress at any point in the year. No extra reports to write out, and it’s always up-to-date!


This sounds fantastic! Where can I get it?

The Gore family is working hard to develop this flexible homeschool scheduling app and bring it to you, but they need help! Learn more about this homeschool family, and help bring this innovative homeschool planner to the market!

Visit the Flexible School Schedule Kickstarter Campaign to show your support.

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