Read Around the World with The Magic Tree House

Jack and Annie were the perfect travel companions for our Around the World Kindergarten Curriculum. Read on for a reading list by continent
and a free printable map!


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For kindergarten I chose the Around the World curriculum from Build Your Library. It was the perfect fit. There was plenty of flexibility to explore my son’s interests in animals, geography, and food! The Magic Tree House series turned out to be an excellent supplement.

This series is a great way to introduce chapter books to young readers. I had great success reading these with my former 1st graders, and my current kindergartner absolutely loves them. We’ve made it through about 50 of the 55 books in the original series this year, and he still can’t get enough!

I did quite a bit of leg work figuring which books fit in with our lesson plans. I’ve compiled that all here together in a few easy-to-read world maps. I’m so excited to share it here, free with my readers! Click here or on the image below.

Magic Tree House on the Map Free Printable.png

For easy reference, you’ll find books 1-55 listed below by continent with affiliate links to The printables contain more specific details about each book’s setting such as country, state, or city. I hope this helps you map our your travels around the world!

North America

1  Dinosaurs Before Dark

4  Pirates Past Noon

7  Sunset of the Sabertooth

10  Ghost Town at Sundown

12  Polar Bears Past Bedtime

17  Tonight on the Titanic

18  Buffalo Before Breakfast

21  Civil War on Sunday

22  Revolutionary War on Wednesday

24  Earthquake in the Early Morning

23  Twister on Tuesday

27  Thanksgiving on Thursday

28  High Tide in Hawaii

32 Winter of the Ice Wizard

36  Blizzard of the Blue Moon

39  Dark Day in the Deep Sea

42  A Good Night for Ghosts

47  Abe Lincoln at Last

50  Hurry Up Houdini

52  Soccer on Sunday

53  Shadow of the Shark

54 Balto of the Blue Dawn

South America

6 Afternoon on the Amazon


2 The Knight at Dawn

13 Vacation Under the Volcano

15 Viking Ships at Sunrise

16 Hour of the Olympics

25 Stage Fright on a Summer Night

29 Christmas in Camelot

30 Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

31 Summer of the Sea Serpent

33 Carnival at Candlelight

35 Night of the New Magicians

38 Monday with a Mad Genius

41 Moonlight on the Magic Flute

43 Leprechaun in Late Winter

46 Dogs in the Dead of Night

49 Stallion by Starlight

55 Night of the Ninth Dragon


5 Night of the Ninjas

14 Day of the Dragon King

19 Tigers at Twilight

34 Season of the Sandstorms

37 Dragon of the Red Dawn

45 A Crazy Day with Cobras

48 Perfect time for Pandas


9 Dolphins at Daybreak

20 Dingoes at Dinnertime


40  Eve of the Emperor Penguin


8 Midnight on the Moon

Don’t forget to grab your Free Printable Maps before you go! Click here or the image below to have the pdf send directly to your inbox.

Magic Tree House on the Map Free Printable.png

Original map clip art from Wikimedia Commons.

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