When Joy is Our Goal: Guest Post

I’m so thrilled to be included in Mandy’s Rekindling Your Joy series over on Worshipful Living. I am excited to share a bullet journaling technique called Mind Mapping. Here is an excerpt from the post. Read the rest and find an exclusive free printable at www.worshipfulliving.com.

Is Joy your goal? Having a goal means making a plan- and we can make a plan to be sure that we have joy!

The Goal is Joy

Yep, I want to lose weight. Exercise. Experience success in homeschooling. I’d like to save enough for a vacation. Keep the house clean. Declutter… Wow. That sounds like a lot of work!

I’m scrapping the traditional New Year Resolutions this year.
I want to focus on one thing – Experiencing More Joy!
I want to make memories with my family. Be in the moment. Have more fun!

 But I need to mop the floors today, and the kids are fighting again. Ugh. I feel guilty because I haven’t worked out all week and ate an extra piece of pie last night. I have a headache from all the screaming, no idea how I’m going to get any school work done with the kids today, and I just want to hide under my covers. Where’s the joy in that?

Some days I feel like I can’t even see a path to joy. There is so much in the way. I would love to be the kind of woman that can find little joys in everything, but I’m not. I will probably never look forward to housework… or exercise… or eating a salad.

These are the days that I try to remember that the goal is joy,
and everything I have to do brings me one step closer.

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