Holiday Sticker Picks – Printables and Free Printables

My goal this year is to make it look like Father Christmas threw up on everything I own, but keep it on a budget. For that reason I’m hunting down the cutest free and nearly-free printable stickers and doodling Christmasy inserts.

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Confession Time

I’ve been decorating more than one page per week. Phew, glad that’s out there. I’m so happy with my new Forever Planner that I’ve been going insert nuts. Doodling and no-white-space planning on graph paper, stickers and more stickers, and washi galore.

I may have commitment issues. At least I’m sticking to one binder now. Progress.

December Doodles & Sticker Picks

December Planner Picks.jpg

I went to buy beautiful, sparkly, Christmasy  washi tape from Michaels this week. But holy hell it was $15 per package! Hey man, I love stickers. But I don’t LOVE stickers.

I did find some adorable printable washi on Etsy by designby2 for $1.85. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. Since I was there, I splurged (definition is relative) on a couple sticker sheets for $1.90. I used these to create this no white space checklist page for the right side of my weekly spread this week.

I’ve been into one page plans. A week at-a-glance with my schedule on the left and checklists and daily to-do on the right. Then I don’t become annoyed with the binder rings mid-week. Resting my wrist on the hump is just awful. #firstworldproblems


On the left, I used my newest Holiday Doodle printable planner pages with some washi from Michaels and a bit of coloring to track my schedule and appointments. As if planning wasn’t a gift in itself, now it’s like opening up a Christmas present every time I sit down to see what chores I have to get done. Ahhhh taking out the trash is just lovely now.

IMG_7977.jpg Printable doodle bujo by BlacklineMasters. Stickers from designby2.


I’m searching for planner peace with my monthlies. I did a couple inserts so I can have a pretty monthly handy. Left is my holiday printable with Michaels coffee clip and washi tape. Right is single page monthly printables with a printable monthly sticker – both available here and decorated with a holiday countdown pack from the Michaels $1 bin.


December Free Printables

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Planner Addition Kit – Monthly Set Christmas with printable washi
I’m so excited to use this kit. I printed out three pages before I ran out of in. Gah! There are eight pages total in this Free Printable Kit. EIGHT! So cute, with functional stickers, headers, and decorative boxes.

Weekly Spread made from the Planner Addiction kit.
For more info on my binder and accessories see this post.
IMG_8010.JPGPlanner Addiction monthly spread with a dupe at-a-glance monthly calendar I made
to match my 2017 calendar. I’m so impatient. 


Vintage Glam Studio – Peppermint Stick
I’ve been using Vintage Glam Studio’s printables on weekly spreads for over a year. The combination on each sheet is functional with enough decorative elements to make it fun. It’s been a couple months since I’ve printed from Vintage Glam Studio so I’m excited to go back.


I had such a hard time just sticking to one kit this week, although I absolutely love this one from Vintage Glam Studio. I used almost all of the stickers in this kit plus another and some leftovers from earlier in the month.

I ran out of yellow ink this week after printing six sheets on plain copy paper. So the pink and blue stickers from lifewithmayra are actually Christmas themed green and red on the website. Whoopsie. Still happy with how it came out.


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Thanks for checking out this month’s sticker picks!

Some info on printables: for all my stickers I use Avery Full Sheet Labels for laser printers (even thought I have an inkjet, these run through more smoothly) and cut stickers by hand.

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