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Puts on Makeup

How to look like Some Random Lady

Hope these tips are helpful for your own daily makeup routine.

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My mom gifted me new brushes, eyeshadow, and SPONGES for Christmas. Good lookin’ out, Momma. Sorry I stole your eyeliner brush. Now that you’ve replaced it I’ll happily send it back. Just let me know if you want it.


Click the images for some links to similar products available online. Just in case you want to get rid of your dirty makeup sponge in 2017.




3 thoughts on “Puts on Makeup

  1. April W. says:

    Ashley, I was laughing SO hard at this. FIrst, let me say that you are absolutely beautiful without makeup so this tutorial isn’t really fair to some of us who… well…. are not. For you, makeup is optional. For some of us it is necessary so that people we come into contact with in public do not flee in terror and/or call 911. That said, this tutorial is so wonderful because it is ALL OF US!! Even these gals with their Younique, etc. You know they have the dirty makeup sponge and the mysteriously acquired brush in their bathrooms.
    As a friend and Old Person With Wrinkles I would strongly caution you with your “vigorous rubbing”. Yeah. That’s where these wrinkles came from. Plus, don’t use spit. You’ve got a sink. Use bacteria-laden water right from the tap. That way you won’t get makeup on your tongue.
    Thank you for this hilarious and very helpful tutorial.

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